If the vaccine works for “some people” and not all, then
how is it safe… as some people so adamantly claim?
If you took the vaccine and you had no bad reactions
from it, but another person feels that they would have
a bad reaction or even die from it, how is it that our
choices are expected to be the same? We can’t share
the same thoughts and actions, just as we can’t share

the same human body… same health… and same lives.
Why should those who live in adversity, ill health or
even poverty, follow the actions of those who live
very well? There are some people today who don’t
face the same problems that others have faced on
a daily basis throughout their lives. Ask yourself
why? Do we live in a world of equality? No… we

absolutely do not. We all haven’t had access to the
same quality food, water, homes, or healthcare.
These inequalities affect not only the body’s ability
to heal from viruses and diseases, but a persons ability
to tolerate foreign substances introduced to the body,
such as a vaccine. Although some people might like
to think otherwise. Difference in opinion is fine…

but introducing something new to any human
body by mandates and by force shouldn’t be!
Imagine if new foods were mandatory to eat.
You may not want that new food in your body.
Peoples “right to choose” should never be taken
away. What brought about life on earth? Who
created humanity? And, what factors come into

play that ultimately destroy life? It is all but
reflections in a mirror isn’t it? And whose
“long term decision” should it be on what
we put in our bodies? Should it be that of
another human being? What if the intent of
a vaccine or a virus is to destroy you, or a people?
And it isn’t readily apparent to you that that’s the case.

And perhaps that isn’t the case, but what if it was?
How would you know? We all should simply trust
another persons words? Why would we all do that?
What if you’re simply walking blindly into a fire?
A fire that slowly burns you up from the inside,
until you simply fade away into obscurity, and
no one cares to remember you. People just forget.

They forget all about what happened to Jane or
John doe. After all it’s only a few people… affected.
Is that just… righteous… honorable… or even
fair? Do you or anyone else really care? Define
what is right, without arguing who is right. Right
and wrong. Does humanity really know the difference?
Life is precious to all that breathes the air. If a vaccine

doesn’t negatively impact You, or your family… does
that then mean We All should follow all the people
who say everyone should get vaccinated?
Humans have instinct and intuition for a reason!
Are some of us human sacrifices? Would you be
willing to sacrifice your own life or the life of your
friends or loved ones? Ask yourself that question.

Would you willingly and actively seek to die like a
sheep lead to the slaughter, If your instincts say
otherwise? If a person has died in obvious manner
ironically following having received a vaccine prior to
dying, what does that “one person” really mean To You?
If Anything. Does it say anything to your mind, body, heart,
and soul? Does it make you Question Things, or bury your

head in the sand and Pretend things are good and
well for “Everyone.” Again; Are People Sacrifices?
And would you sacrifice your life or your friends or family?
Should we all take chances and throw the dice? Hope for
good outcomes but not be certain that there will be a
good outcome? Spin the wheel and see where it lands.
Jump into the pool and hope that there’s water?!

And if you die. If… who will care? Because for the majority…
the vaccine is safe! What about the people who
get very sick or die? Where is the consequences
for those who caused that death? But if we lose one…
who is looking? Who is paying attention? Who is caring?
Take a chance… trust the word of others? And…
What would Jesus do? All of humanity should never

pretend to know! Let us pray. I feel that Jesus would
never sacrifice in such manner… not even the smallest
creation that has come forward from the fingertips
of his Father. The Father does not create… to destroy.
Destruction is the fault of recklessness and carelessness
in much of humanity! And none of us are sacrifices! All of
us don’t have to jump into the pool of chance… with the

masses. None of us ever need to sacrifice ourselves.
The resulting problems that flow across the planet
presently is not everyones fault. Whose fault is it?
Who is really at fault? Don’t talk about mandates. Talk
about finding sources of Human Error! Seek the knowledge.
Talk about change! Talk about fairness! Talk about equality!
And then maybe we can all talk about everyone trusting

authorities. Talk about holding accountability for those
who created the problems, without pointing fingers at
those who did not! The unvaccinated are accused
of further spreading the virus. But did the
unvaccinated Start the virus, Unleash the virus?
or give it it’s Deadly Potency? No! No matter
your job title or status in life… never pretend to

know everything. And it’s pointless playing the
blame game. Some things in life are inevitable.
And there’s a time and a season for everything.
I pray that God shows us all the path forward.
Let us not be to others, but a thoughtless
stranger! Let’s talk about the vaccine
without pointing fingers.

– China Alicia Rivera

Note: If i should die from a virus or anything else, i wouldn’t regret not one thing. And let me take a vaccine when i feel it’s safe for me and my body. I grew up in adversity and know it well. And when i die… let me rest in peace. May God, my creator, take me. My only wish is that God helps those who knew me to understand and know that i always meant well in life. I wish ill-will on no one. People should do what they feel is right for them always. And i wish love and light to those who consider the plight of others. May God always bless those who were a light for me whenever i found myself engulfed by shadows. I always have hope for better days for everyone, and i always pray for the good in humanity to shine through. Peace and Love always.


Covid Vaccine Victims: https://www.covidvaccinevictims.com/victims
Vaccine Choice: https://www.vaccinechoiceprayercommunity.org/we-remember-covid-19-injection.html
The Covid Blog: https://www.thecovidblog.com

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The best kinds of relationships serve a purpose in the world. We don’t get into relationships to serve ourselves. Love isn’t about how best a person can serve you, and how best you can serve them. Love at it’s very best isn’t selfish. Love is a bond of unity, a collaboration of energy. And when this energy is most high, it’s like the brightest star

in the sky. True loving energy actively participates in flooding out all the darkness in the world, and all the darkness in ourselves. This is the ultimate purpose of love… to balance the dark, so that we may not be overcome by it. True love energy is more than a spark. It’s a ship that sails with purpose… like Noah’s ark. Love saves many a people

from drowning in sorrow. Love promises a brighter tomorrow. Love isn’t shallow. In fact, as they say… Love is blind. True love is felt by the spirit, the heart, and the mind. True love can be perceived if one looks deep. It’s a fire to a flame, with the deepest chemistry. It’s a memory to a name. It’s energy that encompasses you and me. The Lord

is Love. Love dwells in eternity. And Love invites us to this divine experience. Invites us to taste the waters of eternity. And when you drink from the waters of eternity… your heart breaks free. And you see that you don’t need to have things in common with people such as two doctors, two artists, two lovers of food. In a truly loving relationship

of two; all you need is a love that’s true. A love that will hold you when no one else will. A love that will lift you up when the world tears you down. A love that will seek understanding before judgement. A love that you can truly feel. A warm embrace, a hug, and a warm smile. A love that makes living worth while. A love that finds joy in the

smallest acts of kindness. A love that can recognize a potential for greatness. Greatness being a beautiful love story in the eyes of Angels. Hands that hold one another and never let go. Kisses that never end. Eyes that see straight into the heart. Minds that discern truth no matter the pain. A love that sustains. A love that lasts

forever. Sometimes, all you need is to cuddle in bed, when all the world seems lost in dread. No demands for sex. Just warm touches, true intimacy. A warm space beside each other when the world seems cold and lonely. A warm presence in each others arms. True value in another’s soul. All you need is each other to hold. Why do people

complicate love? Love can be simple, and it can be felt with ease. Love can heal the heart of pain, and is capable of healing the body of disease. Love is feelings, compassion, and especially authenticity. Love isn’t a sea of lies. But of truths always told. True love is finer than pure gold. True Love is a bond that can’t be broken.

Love endures. Real Love lasts forever. Love is a fight to always be together. Love is learning while on life’s path; and learning from our mistakes. Love is Truly being awake. Love will always be present as long as God exists. Because ultimately, God is 
Love. God is bliss. When love seems far, and as if faded away. It’s because we forget God

sometimes, and we only think of ourselves everyday. We must remember God. If we get back to God… we get back to Love. God’s Love can be experienced throughout life with or without another person. Unfortunately, sometimes we make mistakes and we hurt the people that God put in our path to expand loves experience. Perhaps with people,

Love is but a leap of faith with no promises of forever. For what is Truly meant to be, only God can bring together. But presently; you must Remember… you, are never alone. God… Loves you. In your darkest days, and in your loneliest hours, remember and think of God. When someone makes you feel as if you are absolutely nothing, remember and

think of God. For God is your creator: not those… who tear you down! When you feel that all is lost, remember and think of God. For God knows no boundaries and God will find a way for you always. All you need to do: is remember and think of God. God is Love. And God seeks a unique relationship with you. I know it’s true because i feel

God’s Love everyday. To feel God… is to truly Feel love. And to truly Feel Love… is to 
touch the sky. It’s to feel the sun shine, not on you… but through you. It is not to walk against the wind; but to walk with it! To feel These Things is to Know God…  and to know God is to walk with The Light. People fight and kill in the name of Love. But why?

Truly… Love Never Belonged To Us! It is a gift From, and Of God! And people confuse it with ownership of things. No human being can ever truly own love by presentation of a ring. For a person to even come close to honing in on the essence of the realest experience of love, they must genuinely seek to be love themselves. To seek to walk in

the love and the likeness that our creator teaches and exemplifies in himself. And such love is not pursuant of our own way of things. But in the ways that pleases God’s senses, and is pleasant in the Lord’s eyes. This is the purpose to which the spirit lives and strives! The spirit wants to awaken to and touch God. Touch Love. Many souls reach

from the pits of darkness and hopelessness, and at length of being lost, hopes to find it’s way back to God. In the presence of God is a sense of familiarity, and peace. In life, our spirits are but on a journey, waiting for God to call us home. Going home is not about death, or dying. Going home is equivalent to walking among the trees; and

recognizing that “they” too are family. Some people have eyes, but never really see… sadly. And some people learn many things but never obtain access to the hidden knowledge. Through God, we can unite with that from whence we came. You can experience this while on your path of life. But only God decides when to reveal hidden

truths, whether in death, or life! And we must remember, that there is no fooling God. So… any wrongs that we do; if we earnestly seek God’s forgiveness, and are Truly from our hearts sorry. God will be the first to forgive you, because God’s spirit is indwelling within us, and is omnipresent all around us. God’s presence may not be fully

discernible by many, but, that doesn’t mean God is not present. God sees all, but not with eyes. God hears all, but not with ears. God knows the hearts of all of his creation.
And when one puts their faith in God. One puts their faith in Love. God is the foundation and the cornerstone of the most loving relationships; whether it’s a

relationship between friends, family, or lovers. Relationships fall apart when people interfere with, or abandon God’s will. Spiritual energy is a real and tangible thing, emitting from and felt by spirit! Some people use this energy in addition to their actions to impress upon others their negative aspirations, wishes and desires. And to this, is

where a person can fall. Life. It is but a maze, and quintessential testing grounds… sifting through the very core nature of who we all are. And the person administering the test… is GOD. We judge ourselves and others, but God is the ultimate Judge of all character, and he knows why people fall and what circumstances led up to that. So

therefore trust God. And earnestly seek his guidance. God will in due time discipline all his children. And to those that sincerely love God, you need not fear the discipline, for the discipline is only a correction and redirection for you to go the right way forward. For God is always aware of those that plot and scheme for the benefit of themselves.

And in the midst of jealousy and envy from others… and in trusting our own ways… we sometimes lose sight of that ever pointing finger of God, pointing us in the direction we should go. And we temporarily become enveloped in someone else’s dark cloud of ill choices. And therefore we become subject to many experiences of lovelessness…

sometimes by our own doing. Sometimes by someone else’s intentions. Sometimes if others feel that they have lost their way, or have been cheated out of some portion of their lives, they want to see you lose some portion of your life as well; and in doing so, this gives them a false sense of balance, and control. Unfortunately, misery does love

company, whether you are directly in the presence of that miserable person or not. Some miserable, faithless people have nothing better to do, than to find ways to drag others into their experience of miserable energy. Earnestly seeking and having faith in God and in the power of Love always, can end these dark cycles. God’s love is endless,

boundless, and beyond all knowledge. To successfully complete this spiritual journey and to Truly experience the gift of Love in all it’s fullness, is to… as the saying goes “Let Go… and Let God.” Love… Love is always dwelling around us. Caressing our skin in the breeze. Love is always beckoning us. Inspiring us to… touch. Love is only but a flower…

reaching for the sun. Wanting to experience the warmth, to soak it up, to breathe life into itself. Never say hurtful things, or lay your hands on someone you love, for they can become like flowers slowly dying and eventually blowing away as burned ash in the wind. People so easily give up on one another when they shouldn’t. Each other is

Truly all we have. The treasure is the person beyond the flesh. Money can’t buy this immaterial being. This soul, this spirit, this life seen beyond the eyes. See people for everything that they are, and not for what you wish them to be. Some people, all they see is imperfection and inconsistency. And at the end of the day: if you can’t love the

person that someone is, then simply step away for good, if you need to, and let God love them properly! That’s the solution. There’s no confusion. Don’t accept things that hurt you, but also understand that causing others pain is not a remedy to a problem either. Always Love, and know that as long you live from a platform of Love in your life,

and allow love to be your foundation. Love will help you find a better way forward. All we need to do is align our hearts and minds with it, and trust it. To trust Love, is to trust God. Remember: Love is a Gift from… and of… God. And God gives endless love, as God so desires it… The Greatest Relationship. The Ultimate Bliss.

– China Alicia Rivera 9/9/2020

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Beauty isn’t a performance, we don’t twerk for a cause.
We rise in solidarity. United strength changes laws.
Power is in the spirit, in the mind, in the soul.
Power is not in how many body parts one can grab,
and hold.

If you want to be respected, know that your body is
not a commodity. And yes, you should be proud of
your beauty. But don’t let it go to your head. We don’t
forge a path forward, by offering ourselves in bed.

And i bet she got them flavors. I bet her twerk is mean.
But them things ain’t for everybody spending money
on the scene. And sure you ain’t trying to lay up, and
stay up with a broke lover. But you don’t truly love

yourself if for money you under covers. You up under
them sheets, thinking like street walkers in the streets.
And you thinking that you hot. You like men that
carry heat? And what you going to say when you

find that you lost your way? When you finally meet
God because you got shot in the face? You got that
lingerie? It look hot on you today! But are you really
safe, running around with your lace. Sure he down to

ride, until he start to catch a case. You certain that he
love you? Or that he might lay your body to waste?
Don’t waste… time. Elevate your mind. You can be
intelligent, pursue your own wealth, and stay fly.

Yeah, you look fine. But don’t let your looks mess
with your mind. Sure; you can be captivating.
Hear what i’m saying. It’s your ass at the party! It’s
your ass he displaying. But you still having fun.

Everything seems right. You got your man, got your
money, got your car, got your hype! But you influencing
others to follow in your path. The dark night of the soul…
will be the aftermath. You see, there is always, the one.

The one that is on the prowl, the one that wants to see
you lead astray. Away from God’s love as soon as… now!
Away from God’s gifts. And you don’t believe it, because
you can’t see it? But, what you can see… is the comedy and

the tragedy! The industry, the entertainment, and the system…
that ultimately causes many to fall. Open your eyes to the
scheme of it all. See where humanity is meant to fail.
See that the more you lose your way, the more that others

rise. It is a power dynamic playing out right before your
eyes. Men are dying, women are dying, because of the
images we choose to lift up and project. Are these images
showing the strength of our ancestors, our people, or

neglect? What is true wealth and where does it come from?
First off, true wealth is knowing that love isn’t for sell.
True wealth is individual growth, mental growth, spiritual
growth, physical growth, family growth. And… financial

growth, yes, but not growing financially while selling your soul.
You see, the goal is for you to lose your way, and forget.
This truth is hidden deep within the recesses of the spirit
and mind. And it takes true discernment, and pure intentions

to find. And when you seek out money in a way that elevates
it, as more important than considering God. You fall into the lie.
And the truth seems a facade. And so you have a decision to
make in this life. And i suggest you dig deep. Because

discovering the truth when it’s to late… the price to pay is
to steep. And i’m not talking about Hell. I’m talking about
missing a true Heaven. You can get lost from it in your pursuits
of a material life. There are gifts that God is waiting to give

you when you are ready! And the longer you take to get ready,
possibly lifetimes… and the more lost you become and the
more astray you go, the more the gift is lost and the connection
is broken. Seek the power of the truth that is always spoken!

Your breasts, like pearls. Your body brings ecstasy. This gift
is meant to parallel the feeling of Heaven and it is a gift from
God: not meant to be exploited by anybody! Only lost ones,
and dark hearts seek the exploitation of the gifts of the light.

Sex is a gift and God provided it, because God is Love. God
gave the gift of Life. Therefore, God stands Above! Consider
God in all matters. Consider God with Love. You do this, and
you will perceive beings that are of Heaven. This i know to be

True. Then all successes will be in reach, not only financially,
but spiritually. If this is something you don’t care about, than
continue to do you. Just keep in mind that our children’s
children will be screwed! Our descendants, always failing!

Why, because if we don’t lead Our people in the “right”
direction, who will? We can lead simply by living decent lives,
and being a positive influence, but instead, we put our bodies
up for give and take. And there’s always people waiting in the

shadows, waiting to point out our flaws, and our mistakes!
We call ourselves goddesses, queens, princesses and more.
So why influence women, and young girls to act like whores?!
This is what some women do! And just because they may be

educated doesn’t make it right. Manipulated, manipulative
fools… Following these self proclaimed so called “Kings” that
exploit you! Notice the relationship drama on television or at
home? Notice the declining importance of life and love, and the

rising importance of primitiveness in relations to sex? Notice
the pain, and needless killings inflicted from one person to
the next. Is your worth really Valued in the world? Products…
of a clever ruse, meant to Stop your peoples Evolution and

cause Your People to Disappear off the face of the Planet,
One by One, and to never discover your gifts from God. This
is the resulting future… of female empowerment fraud.

  • China Alicia Rivera
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I’ve seen a white man with ocean blue eyes, and golden blond hair. I’ve felt caressing breeze from the blue skies, from way out there. I’ve seen the sun shine like there’d be no tomorrow. And i’ve closed my eyes, and dreamed dreams that could erase all sorrow. I’ve seen such variety of beauty, of honor, of astounding grace. I’ve experienced an all-

encompassing unseen embrace. And there… stood a white woman… who stared into the nights sky from afar. She appeared enamored… by all the stars. Gazing at an extraordinary sight above us… the night sky. But a glimpse of the universe. A veil to the hidden, the sacred, the unseen. A secret world of knowledge… True Riches; Pristine! And

beneath the skies there was a darkness hidden in the shadows, moving about discreetly, watching; as if to be seeking prey. This darkness appeared to be trying to siphon off light from the woman’s soul. And him? Well, he was almost blinded. For the darkness seeks to blacken an ocean so blue! And once the darkness takes over, the purity of truth drowns…

and out comes the voice of darkness, speaking from the blackest ocean to spirits who will hear. With a voice that could throw you into the deepest fear; and make you tremble… at the sound waves. After seeping inside; and distorting the subconscious, this voice speaks
many lies… and seeks out any living to enslave! But the woman… she was one of True

Discernment. One that Feels… The Language of the Heart. She Knows of the Truths that are just Beyond the Veil. And she knows of the Lies that spew forth from the darkness. She knows that her Skin does not fully Define her Existence, or Anyone Else’s. And that the Flesh… is Just As Fleeting as the Dust in the Wind. She is Aware of Great Spirit, and of

her connection to All that Exists. All such spirits as hers are as Anchors, Helping to Save the Living from Drowning. For She… is Not Blinded, and will Never allow herself to be. And she could Never Be Compared to those who are blind, and Can Not See! Oh yes, she

Truly sees. She looks with eyes upon All the Living, and does not unfairly Judge. And All Around Her she can Feel a Presence that makes her Soul sing, because her white skin
was spun… from Angels Wings.


– Creative Writing By China Alicia Rivera

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Eliminate the Title: Police and Cops. And shed all things negative within the active body. Remove all negative ideologies as well. Implement New Title: World Peace Officers. Implement New Uniforms with the main color being Dark Leaf Green with Dark Wood Brown logos, with Symbols, or Designs that show Tree Life, such as a Eagle or Owl Perched in a Tree. Why the colors? Uniform colors should be darker versions of colors because it will maintain a cleaner appearance much better, especially when outdoors. Also, Green stands for Growth, and Green and Brown are the main Colors of Trees. Why the Symbolism? Trees Serve and Protect Life; they help provide Oxygen to Breathe…

and are home to many forms of Life around the world. And sure… applicable persons can teach and repurpose an officers role. But i say… Let the Trees be a Teacher as well, and let them be a constant reminder that people need to Breathe… and that Life needs to Flourish. Buildings for World Peace Officers would not be titled: police stations or precincts. Buildings would be Titled: World Peace Initiative, Sector 1, 2 and so on, and it would read that on the buildings and cars. Buildings and cars would be friendly earth tone colors or similar colors to the uniforms. First building to initiate changes is subtitled Sector 1, the next to initiate changes is Sector 2, third building is Sector 3, and so on. Full title for

example would be World Peace Initiative, Sector 1. And At least two beautiful trees should be planted nearby or in the vicinity of every building and if possible, other plants should be around, including small plants on the desks in the offices inside the building and medium plants next to seating and open spaces to give off an aura of life, and discourage the aura of morbidity. World Peace Initiative’s Slogan for all Sectors would be “Peace is a Virtue.” All cars for Sector One would read “World Peace Initiative: Sector 1” and read “Peace is a Virtue.” under those words. The Buildings would exist all over the world, and be interconnected in communication, purpose, peace efforts, and values. No

one should be employed at, or work in these buildings who do not have good values. There should be computer or paper Tests for current and future officers. Testing would strategically and thoroughly assess moral and ethical thinking in relation to response tactics to various situations and overall views on life. Those who don’t meet quality standards after testing can not be an officer, period. Those who fail the standard while on duty should face fair accountability, and disciplinary action at the level equal to the discrepancy. And a persons test results on file, and known reputation at the job and in the community should be taken into account and consideration always when exercising

disciplinary action. The World Peace Initiative for all Sectors, would have two divisions titled D1 and D2, meaning division one, and division two. D1 or D2 should also be on the uniform logo, patch, badges, id’s, hats and anything medium to small size to help people identify the type of responding officers. Dispatchers should be careful to send out the proper responders, suitable to the task. All Uniforms for Sector one would read “World Peace Initiative: Sector 1” and read “Peace is a Virtue.” under those words. And Sector two would read Sector 2 and so on. This would be on the back of all Shirts, Jackets, Coats and anything large enough to remind officers and all people of their purpose. D1 would

be designated for Major crimes such as: Bank Robberies, Mass Shootings, Attempted Murder, Rape and more. D1 officers would be expected to be well equipped for the needed response and would reasonably and naturally have high adrenaline due to the situation at hand, but… should try to remain sharp and focused. D1 ideally should Never be sent out to respond to D2 related duties! This Is Very Important. Because D1 officers to a certain extent will become conditioned and used to responding to high threat situations. Therefore adrenaline and energy should be appropriated in the right directions, and a pattern should be one that they are used to. That way they can do their

jobs in confidence, and in better aptitude. D2 would be designated for Smaller issues such as: petty theft, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and other minor community issues. D2 would be tasked with conflict resolution, and displaying multipurpose leadership, community advocacy, and stewardship, by maintaining a positive attitude and simply exercising nonviolent, and ideally… nonphysical interaction with people, to resolve small problems within communities. Also an example of nonphysical small crime disciplines is a summons to a respective form of counseling, or giving small to growing fines and fees for disorderly conduct that keeps happening on a reoccurring and

continual basis. If possible, Fines and Fees should be non paper based, and able to be input into an online system. Also If possible, have body cameras linked with facial recognition software, and carry devices for outdoor fingerprint scanning to mainly be used for any persons who may appear drunk or unconscious. D2 officers at the very least should always travel in pairs, and should always be attentive enough to explain if need be, an account of what occurred, and D2 officers may request via communications; assistance from D1 officers… Only if the situation is suitable for such a request. Otherwise request should not be granted at all. In that case Requests for Additional D2 officers may

be a normal practice if need be. D1 officers should be expected to carry lethal weapons. D2 officers however should not be defenseless and should be carrying nonlethal weapons. All officers should have excellent training that teaches ethical use of weapons, and ethical responses to all situations. Ideally World Peace Initiative Sector cars should not have such disturbing lighting in terms of the color. If it were my choice… the colors would actually be bright green and white flashing lights. Red is a very alarming and disturbing color to have flashing all over the place, and it gives off a aura of imminent danger i feel. Additionally, all cars should have cameras on the front, back and sides of

cars if possible, and very bright white front and back lighting that almost looks like daylight that can be turned on when and where it would be helpful. Cars and all cameras should have sound recording capabilities. Also just as members of a company or job, have ID to identify them, people may “Voluntarily” sign up to receive by mail a Community Member ID issued by their applicable World Peace Initiative, Sector. And Instead of a photo on the ID, the ID could have something of a Qr code or something else on it or multiple things on it, maybe a bar code and bar code number to additionally help Identify the Individuals In or belonging to Communities. Why a Qr code or bar codes and such? because I doubt everyone would want to run in

and have their photo taken, especially people who may want to be somewhat anonymous! However, such ID’s should not replace more important ID’s, such as state ID’s. And the ID’s in no way shape or form should look like the World Peace Officers Sector ID’s. Also, positively interacting with community members and taking down information, suggestions, and notes whenever and however possible would be ideal. World Peace Officer ID’s should have world class design, and be distinctive, and readily recognizable. Also D2 Officers could also make the choice to be representatives, and Influencers of Greener World initiatives by inspiring the planting of Trees, and could

voluntarily help plant trees once a year as an event, that would have a good reflection on the World Peace Initiative Sectors and it’s Officers as a body. However, World Peace Officers should not be forced into any greener world or going green advocacy roles. Reason being… their main focus and purpose should be bringing peace to the communities they serve. There should also be surveys available online under the World Peace Initiative Sector website, that allows individuals in communities to have input on how to handle community problems, and suggestions should be taken into consideration. Surveys should be set up whereas if the community member chooses to do so, they can

answer questions, and give suggestions anonymously. Surveys should also be available on the website while not requiring you to sign up and have an online account just to answer surveys, or give suggestions. And the World Peace Initiative Sectors in their respective locations around the world should have meetings with their Local Community Leaders, Online and Offline. And there should be an online portal similar to that of a online portal that libraries offer to it’s members – for Community Members to sign up If they want to, and interact with the World Peace Initiative Sector and do some reading on what the World Peace Initiative Sector plans are for Peace in Everyone’s Future. And

there should always be areas online that allow anonymous donations, or anonymous feedback, from the community. Why should certain things be anonymous? Because not everyone wants info about them on a website whereas they may feel that their information is not necessarily secure. And also because people may have safety concerns with having an account on a website that is deemed to support safety feedback from communities. And not everyone will care for peace efforts. Some people love discord.

On the subject of physical paper money and silver coins and such… elimination of such should be considered in the world. All forms of payment should be Readily Authentic and able to Identify the person issuing the payment in a payment system. Banks should consider issuing two cards to bank account holders, one card should work similar to paypal and be for storage of small amounts of money for small and quick store runs. And the second bank card would only be discreetly carried by persons, seeking on any given day, to make larger purchases. Also, One should keep in mind that, Harmony and Peace Requires Effort from All Of Us! And that the Absence of a People Bringing Order… does not necessarily mean the absence of Evil… Bringing Chaos! – By China Alicia Rivera

Also, i know maybe this is probably not the best idea around for some kind of Police Reform; but it’s what appeared in my mind. What’s your idea?

Police Reform: Emerge From The Dark – By China Alicia Rivera

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Not ALL Police Officers are Evil.
Not ALL Police Officers are Bad.
They Embody and Save the
Lives of MANY… A Sister, a
Brother; a Cousin, a Mom, or Dad.
When you threaten the Life
of; or even kill a Police Officer
You DO NOT Know… YOU… Are
No Different from Any Murderer,
Killer or Oppressor! And certainly
no friend of PEACE, of GOD, or of
LIFE. Think… Before You Act!

– China Alicia Rivera

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Don’t be afraid to cry.
Though you’ve always had Oppressors.
Seek to hold your head high.
You are a pillar of STRENGTH.
A Symbol of Diversity in your Creator.
A REFLECTION of Infinity in God’s Eyes.
And what GOD so wills to be…
No Man can Ever Permanently Tear Down!
For, we’re ALL the LORD’S CHILDREN.
One WILL. One Crown.
And if EVER inside, you’re made
to feel, your Soul dies.
You Must Remember…
It is Not By Man. BUT BY GOD…

– China Alicia Rivera

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The mind of a terrorist is one of selfishness.
Throughout the course of their thinking right
before committing a terroristic act, the only
person a terrorist is thinking about is themselves.

Their own Personal Thoughts and Beliefs convince
them to commit an act birthed from Hell. They’re
not thinking about the lives of the people whom
they choose to kill. They’re only thinking about

their own life, and, Free Will. Money Is… The Root
of All Evil! Many terrorists feel a lack of Power! There
are people all over the world that never feel financially
secure no matter how hard they work; every second,

every hour. Their people are not Financially Elevated.
Some, living on lands that are devastated. There is lack
of Stability. Unceasing need! Endless work! Wealth isn’t
evenly enjoyed all around the world. Many a people

have more than others. Some lands have been stripped
of wealth. The very wealth of the land has been stolen
from under the peoples feet. Many don’t have food to
eat. Terroristic acts are about Beliefs, Money, Financial

Standing, Public Standing, Control and Power, and
the Perception of Power. Many times terrorists feel
Powerless in the eyes of family, friends, loved ones;
and Powerless in the eyes of Society and the World!

They seek Recognition, Even Fame; Acknowledgement.
Acknowledgement that they exist! No, they don’t want
you to acknowledge their facial features. They want you
to acknowledge their personal struggles! Many times

terrorist hide their longstanding problems. There is a
seed of Anger and Hatred that sits there inside of a
Terrorist Mind, Festering into a Diseased State of Being:
bleeding into a Darkening Heart! They feel that people

don’t notice them, don’t acknowledge their struggles,
and so they seek to rip lives apart. Whose life? Your
life, my life, and the lives of many! Many times people
look upon another and see a problem; but they don’t

wish to tackle with the struggle that exists within! Yes!
It is easier to do nothing! And in the Absence of Human
Compassion, People are left in a feeling of Downward
Spiral and Festering Pain; Stress and Strain. There is

uncertainty of one’s own ability to thrive, and survive.
Survival! That, is the struggle of the people. And The
Struggle IS GLOBAL! And “Until nations Learn to step
outside of themselves and their own lives” and Into

The Lives and MINDS of others All Around The World;
and Seek to Know your friends, but most importantly,
seek to Understand Your Born Enemies! There’s a
high Probability Many A People… will Die. It is
the Result of a Terrorist’s Mind!

– China Alicia Rivera

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Ugly mind, ugly heart. Not my leader, near nor far.
Spreading negativity, hate, and discord. Speaking
in disgraceful ways. Encouraging war. War of words,
war of mind, war of spirit, war of power.

But able to escape danger by being moved to a secure
location in humanity’s darkest hour. Financially
inclined to assume the position of a commander
and chief. Gleefully stroking the ego of a menace

to society. Great praise and applause goes to one
who seeks disunity of a people, and conflict of nations.
Smiles and words of support going to one who
could cause the world devastation;

while sitting away in a beautiful loft. While at the same
time, a nuclear bomb can go off. And why, because
someone doesn’t know how to seek peace before
lashing out like a dragon blowing fire?

Threatening to annihilate a entire people that God intends
live upon the earth. Presumably speaking truth, but
many times perceived as a liar! What is our fate;
when we have a leader spreading hate?

Ugly mind, ugly heart. Not my leader, near nor far.
You may have acquired such a high position.
But you will never be my leader in my mind,
and i do not support your vision. I love my people,

and i support the idea of peace, love and unity;
because that is the will of God. Your brand of running
things is a facade. Meant to support a personal
agenda and you can now more do so because of

your position of authority. But you will never win over
me. Not my love, not my mind, not my heart and
not my support. I love black men and white men.
But you are a sore. A sore upon a country that does

not stand for your will! A stain upon a flag that represents
God’s will! Unity! A bruise upon a people that desire more
for their children. A scar upon the beautiful minds of
all humanity. And a knife upon the hearts of many!

Ugly mind, ugly heart. Not my leader, near nor far.
Spreading negativity, hate, and discord. When all
is said and done. Will there be a world to live for!
Will there be ongoing peace or ongoing war?

War of words, war of minds. Disregard for all of
mankind. Not mother natures leader. Not earths
friend. Just rich, and ignorant! And, could cause
the world to end!

– China Alicia Rivera

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Floating in the oceans.
Floating in the seas.
Floating like the leaves
falling from the trees.
Floating like a boat
traveling the seas.
Floating like a feather

that fell from loves wings.
Floating like sound
when blue jays sing.
Floating like rainfall
from the mountains
of the most High.
Floating like snow,

falling from the sky.
Floating about, like fog
and mist. Floating like
a heart after a kiss.
Floating like a wish
for you to take, or
floating like a swan

across a lake. Floating
like a butterfly in the
spring breeze. Floating
in the pond like the
waterlilies. Forever…
floating. Calm and at ease.

– China Alicia Rivera

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