Drowned in sin. Mentally bleeding.
Slowly death is exceeding.
A tight embrace around the throat.
Like as if ones being choked.

The heart tightened, then shattered to pieces.
Demons suck life out like leeches.
Deep down inside, the soul screeches.
Unfortunately, there’s no help around.

No one heard the moaning sounds.
One failed to reach where grace abounds.
Turning from sin! Turning life around!
So ones soul suffocated and drowned.

One kept their sinful ways willingly.
Continuously walking down evils treacherous
path, corrupts every part of life’s grasp.
That’s unrepentant sins aftermath!

Now it’s harder to breath! One yelps and gasps.
One shouldn’t have thrown their life in the trash!
One thinks nothing of the spirit when they should
have embraced it, loved it, and feared it.

Instead; one sometimes chooses to meet doom!
Pulled into where dark shadows loom!
Now they’re forever in a terror spell!
Sadly condemned to eternal hell.

– China Alicia Rivera

About photoshopflair

Artist: China Alicia Rivera / Interests: Spirituality, Arts, Photo Editing, Music, Knowlegde / Sports, Gaming, & Entertainment / ♐ / s33r / BROOKLYN, NY, U.S.A. | Email: Photoshopflair@gmail.com
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