Floating in the oceans.
Floating in the seas.
Floating like the leaves
falling from the trees.
Floating like a boat
traveling the seas.
Floating like a feather

that fell from loves wings.
Floating like sound
when blue jays sing.
Floating like rainfall
from the mountains
of the most High.
Floating like snow,

falling from the sky.
Floating about, like fog
and mist. Floating like
a heart after a kiss.
Floating like a wish
for you to take, or
floating like a swan

across a lake. Floating
like a butterfly in the
spring breeze. Floating
in the pond like the
waterlilies. Forever…
floating. Calm and at ease.

– China Alicia Rivera

About photoshopflair

Artist: China Alicia Rivera / Interests: Spirituality, Arts, Photo Editing, Music, Knowlegde / Sports, Gaming, & Entertainment / ♐ / s33r / BROOKLYN, NY, U.S.A. | Email: Photoshopflair@gmail.com
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