Nothing can move me
from this place i’m in.
I just won’t succumb
to the idleness of sin.
Remain without burden
no matter what the situation.
You must Stay calm! No

matter what you’re facing.
For God, be strong inside.
Without pride, but built
with stride. You must be
self disciplinary, and
control yourself; even
though deep desire is felt.

The devil can’t break our
souls, or our spirits. All
negativity. Don’t step near
it. But don’t let evil ones
put you down. Very soon
they’ll taste dirt, while
we’re above ground. Forgive

and forget as long as you
live. Serve God and his
children, and always give.
Remain headstrong when you
have a disease; even though
sick and weak in the knees.
Float like a swan, moving

with ease. Satan wants us to
give up hope. That’s why you
must never give up hope, ever!
Remain with high endurance
forever. The Lord is our
shepherd, and we are his flock.
A strong Foundation!
Like A Rock!

– China Alicia Rivera

About photoshopflair

Artist: China Alicia Rivera / Interests: Spirituality, Arts, Photo Editing, Music, Knowlegde / Sports, Gaming, & Entertainment / ♐ / s33r / BROOKLYN, NY, U.S.A. | Email:
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