Ugly mind, ugly heart. Not my leader, near nor far.
Spreading negativity, hate, and discord. Speaking
in disgraceful ways. Encouraging war. War of words,
war of mind, war of spirit, war of power.

But able to escape danger by being moved to a secure
location in humanity’s darkest hour. Financially
inclined to assume the position of a commander
and chief. Gleefully stroking the ego of a menace

to society. Great praise and applause goes to one
who seeks disunity of a people, and conflict of nations.
Smiles and words of support going to one who
could cause the world devastation;

while sitting away in a beautiful loft. While at the same
time, a nuclear bomb can go off. And why, because
someone doesn’t know how to seek peace before
lashing out like a dragon blowing fire?

Threatening to annihilate a entire people that God intends
live upon the earth. Presumably speaking truth, but
many times perceived as a liar! What is our fate;
when we have a leader spreading hate?

Ugly mind, ugly heart. Not my leader, near nor far.
You may have acquired such a high position.
But you will never be my leader in my mind,
and i do not support your vision. I love my people,

and i support the idea of peace, love and unity;
because that is the will of God. Your brand of running
things is a facade. Meant to support a personal
agenda and you can now more do so because of

your position of authority. But you will never win over
me. Not my love, not my mind, not my heart and
not my support. I love black men and white men.
But you are a sore. A sore upon a country that does

not stand for your will! A stain upon a flag that represents
God’s will! Unity! A bruise upon a people that desire more
for their children. A scar upon the beautiful minds of
all humanity. And a knife upon the hearts of many!

Ugly mind, ugly heart. Not my leader, near nor far.
Spreading negativity, hate, and discord. When all
is said and done. Will there be a world to live for!
Will there be ongoing peace or ongoing war?

War of words, war of minds. Disregard for all of
mankind. Not mother natures leader. Not earths
friend. Just rich, and ignorant! And, could cause
the world to end!

– China Alicia Rivera

About photoshopflair

Artist: China Alicia Rivera / Interests: Spirituality, Arts, Photo Editing, Music, Knowlegde / Sports, Gaming, & Entertainment / ♐ / s33r / BROOKLYN, NY, U.S.A. | Email:
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