Beauty isn’t a performance, we don’t twerk for a cause.
We rise in solidarity. United strength changes laws.
Power is in the spirit, in the mind, in the soul.
Power is not in how many body parts one can grab,
and hold.

If you want to be respected, know that your body is
not a commodity. And yes, you should be proud of
your beauty. But don’t let it go to your head. We don’t
forge a path forward, by offering ourselves in bed.

And i bet she got them flavors. I bet her twerk is mean.
But them things ain’t for everybody spending money
on the scene. And sure you ain’t trying to lay up, and
stay up with a broke lover. But you don’t truly love

yourself if for money you under covers. You up under
them sheets, thinking like street walkers in the streets.
And you thinking that you hot. You like men that
carry heat? And what you going to say when you

find that you lost your way? When you finally meet
God because you got shot in the face? You got that
lingerie? It look hot on you today! But are you really
safe, running around with your lace. Sure he down to

ride, until he start to catch a case. You certain that he
love you? Or that he might lay your body to waste?
Don’t waste… time. Elevate your mind. You can be
intelligent, pursue your own wealth, and stay fly.

Yeah, you look fine. But don’t let your looks mess
with your mind. Sure; you can be captivating.
Hear what i’m saying. It’s your ass at the party! It’s
your ass he displaying. But you still having fun.

Everything seems right. You got your man, got your
money, got your car, got your hype! But you influencing
others to follow in your path. The dark night of the soul…
will be the aftermath. You see, there is always, the one.

The one that is on the prowl, the one that wants to see
you lead astray. Away from God’s love as soon as… now!
Away from God’s gifts. And you don’t believe it, because
you can’t see it? But, what you can see… is the comedy and

the tragedy! The industry, the entertainment, and the system…
that ultimately causes many to fall. Open your eyes to the
scheme of it all. See where humanity is meant to fail.
See that the more you lose your way, the more that others

rise. It is a power dynamic playing out right before your
eyes. Men are dying, women are dying, because of the
images we choose to lift up and project. Are these images
showing the strength of our ancestors, our people, or

neglect? What is true wealth and where does it come from?
First off, true wealth is knowing that love isn’t for sell.
True wealth is individual growth, mental growth, spiritual
growth, physical growth, family growth. And… financial

growth, yes, but not growing financially while selling your soul.
You see, the goal is for you to lose your way, and forget.
This truth is hidden deep within the recesses of the spirit
and mind. And it takes true discernment, and pure intentions

to find. And when you seek out money in a way that elevates
it, as more important than considering God. You fall into the lie.
And the truth seems a facade. And so you have a decision to
make in this life. And i suggest you dig deep. Because

discovering the truth when it’s to late… the price to pay is
to steep. And i’m not talking about Hell. I’m talking about
missing a true Heaven. You can get lost from it in your pursuits
of a material life. There are gifts that God is waiting to give

you when you are ready! And the longer you take to get ready,
possibly lifetimes… and the more lost you become and the
more astray you go, the more the gift is lost and the connection
is broken. Seek the power of the truth that is always spoken!

Your breasts, like pearls. Your body brings ecstasy. This gift
is meant to parallel the feeling of Heaven and it is a gift from
God: not meant to be exploited by anybody! Only lost ones,
and dark hearts seek the exploitation of the gifts of the light.

Sex is a gift and God provided it, because God is Love. God
gave the gift of Life. Therefore, God stands Above! Consider
God in all matters. Consider God with Love. You do this, and
you will perceive beings that are of Heaven. This i know to be

True. Then all successes will be in reach, not only financially,
but spiritually. If this is something you don’t care about, than
continue to do you. Just keep in mind that our children’s
children will be screwed! Our descendants, always failing!

Why, because if we don’t lead Our people in the “right”
direction, who will? We can lead simply by living decent lives,
and being a positive influence, but instead, we put our bodies
up for give and take. And there’s always people waiting in the

shadows, waiting to point out our flaws, and our mistakes!
We call ourselves goddesses, queens, princesses and more.
So why influence women, and young girls to act like whores?!
This is what some women do! And just because they may be

educated doesn’t make it right. Manipulated, manipulative
fools… Following these self proclaimed so called “Kings” that
exploit you! Notice the relationship drama on television or at
home? Notice the declining importance of life and love, and the

rising importance of primitiveness in relations to sex? Notice
the pain, and needless killings inflicted from one person to
the next. Is your worth really Valued in the world? Products…
of a clever ruse, meant to Stop your peoples Evolution and

cause Your People to Disappear off the face of the Planet,
One by One, and to never discover your gifts from God. This
is the resulting future… of female empowerment fraud.

  • China Alicia Rivera

About photoshopflair

Artist: China Alicia Rivera / Interests: Spirituality, Arts, Photo Editing, Music, Knowledge / Sports, Gaming, & Entertainment / ♐ / s33r / BROOKLYN, NY, U.S.A. | Email: Photoshopflair@gmail.com
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