If the vaccine works for “some people” and not all, then
how is it safe… as some people so adamantly claim?
If you took the vaccine and you had no bad reactions
from it, but another person feels that they would have
a bad reaction or even die from it, how is it that our
choices are expected to be the same? We can’t share
the same thoughts and actions, just as we can’t share

the same human body… same health… and same lives.
Why should those who live in adversity, ill health or
even poverty, follow the actions of those who live
very well? There are some people today who don’t
face the same problems that others have faced on
a daily basis throughout their lives. Ask yourself
why? Do we live in a world of equality? No… we

absolutely do not. We all haven’t had access to the
same quality food, water, homes, or healthcare.
These inequalities affect not only the body’s ability
to heal from viruses and diseases, but a persons ability
to tolerate foreign substances introduced to the body,
such as a vaccine. Although some people might like
to think otherwise. Difference in opinion is fine…

but introducing something new to any human
body by mandates and by force shouldn’t be!
Imagine if new foods were mandatory to eat.
You may not want that new food in your body.
Peoples “right to choose” should never be taken
away. What brought about life on earth? Who
created humanity? And, what factors come into

play that ultimately destroy life? It is all but
reflections in a mirror isn’t it? And whose
“long term decision” should it be on what
we put in our bodies? Should it be that of
another human being? What if the intent of
a vaccine or a virus is to destroy you, or a people?
And it isn’t readily apparent to you that that’s the case.

And perhaps that isn’t the case, but what if it was?
How would you know? We all should simply trust
another persons words? Why would we all do that?
What if you’re simply walking blindly into a fire?
A fire that slowly burns you up from the inside,
until you simply fade away into obscurity, and
no one cares to remember you. People just forget.

They forget all about what happened to Jane or
John doe. After all it’s only a few people… affected.
Is that just… righteous… honorable… or even
fair? Do you or anyone else really care? Define
what is right, without arguing who is right. Right
and wrong. Does humanity really know the difference?
Life is precious to all that breathes the air. If a vaccine

doesn’t negatively impact You, or your family… does
that then mean We All should follow all the people
who say everyone should get vaccinated?
Humans have instinct and intuition for a reason!
Are some of us human sacrifices? Would you be
willing to sacrifice your own life or the life of your
friends or loved ones? Ask yourself that question.

Would you willingly and actively seek to die like a
sheep lead to the slaughter, If your instincts say
otherwise? If a person has died in obvious manner
ironically following having received a vaccine prior to
dying, what does that “one person” really mean To You?
If Anything. Does it say anything to your mind, body, heart,
and soul? Does it make you Question Things, or bury your

head in the sand and Pretend things are good and
well for “Everyone.” Again; Are People Sacrifices?
And would you sacrifice your life or your friends or family?
Should we all take chances and throw the dice? Hope for
good outcomes but not be certain that there will be a
good outcome? Spin the wheel and see where it lands.
Jump into the pool and hope that there’s water?!

And if you die. If… who will care? Because for the majority…
the vaccine is safe! What about the people who
get very sick or die? Where is the consequences
for those who caused that death? But if we lose one…
who is looking? Who is paying attention? Who is caring?
Take a chance… trust the word of others? And…
What would Jesus do? All of humanity should never

pretend to know! Let us pray. I feel that Jesus would
never sacrifice in such manner… not even the smallest
creation that has come forward from the fingertips
of his Father. The Father does not create… to destroy.
Destruction is the fault of recklessness and carelessness
in much of humanity! And none of us are sacrifices! All of
us don’t have to jump into the pool of chance… with the

masses. None of us ever need to sacrifice ourselves.
The resulting problems that flow across the planet
presently is not everyones fault. Whose fault is it?
Who is really at fault? Don’t talk about mandates. Talk
about finding sources of Human Error! Seek the knowledge.
Talk about change! Talk about fairness! Talk about equality!
And then maybe we can all talk about everyone trusting

authorities. Talk about holding accountability for those
who created the problems, without pointing fingers at
those who did not! The unvaccinated are accused
of further spreading the virus. But did the
unvaccinated Start the virus, Unleash the virus?
or give it it’s Deadly Potency? No! No matter
your job title or status in life… never pretend to

know everything. And it’s pointless playing the
blame game. Some things in life are inevitable.
And there’s a time and a season for everything.
I pray that God shows us all the path forward.
Let us not be to others, but a thoughtless
stranger! Let’s talk about the vaccine
without pointing fingers.

– China Alicia Rivera

Note: If i should die from a virus or anything else, i wouldn’t regret not one thing. And let me take a vaccine when i feel it’s safe for me and my body. I grew up in adversity and know it well. And when i die… let me rest in peace. May God, my creator, take me. My only wish is that God helps those who knew me to understand and know that i always meant well in life. I wish ill-will on no one. People should do what they feel is right for them always. And i wish love and light to those who consider the plight of others. May God always bless those who were a light for me whenever i found myself engulfed by shadows. I always have hope for better days for everyone, and i always pray for the good in humanity to shine through. Peace and Love always.


Covid Vaccine Victims: https://www.covidvaccinevictims.com/victims
Vaccine Choice: https://www.vaccinechoiceprayercommunity.org/we-remember-covid-19-injection.html
The Covid Blog: https://www.thecovidblog.com

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