If only i could turn back the
hands of time. Then what i’ve
done would be rewind. Guilt wouldn’t
stalk me in my mind. Pain wouldn’t
creep up and down my spine.

If only time would be so kind.
Let me turn back the hands
of time. Then what I’ve done
would be rewind. Lord show
mercy for my terrible crime.

Through your unfailing love,
give me peace of mind.
My heart trembles at the
thought of your wrath, which
is why i choose a better path.

Please forgive me for my
foolish choices. When i think
of you, my heart rejoices.
Knowing how kind and
forgiving you are, makes

me look ahead, but not to far.
For we must look back at the
past sometimes, or we’ll turn
into beasts at the drop of a dime.
We must know right from wrong,

and learn from our mistakes.
Then deep inside, our true
essence awakes. Don’t take
a dangerous path twice, or
next time your fortune may

not be so nice. We must stop
all the drama and commotion.
A better you takes devotion.
Say “I could turn back the hands
of time. What i’ve done could

be rewind. Wrongdoing is
conceived in the mind.
I won’t give birth to a terrible
crime. I control this body
of mine. I could look forward

to peaceful days, by making a
choice to walk God’s righteous
ways.” Choosing wickedly is
choosing wrong. You can be weak,
or you can be strong. You decide

where you belong. You have
time to change your mind! Think
ahead then press rewind! Oh how
time has been so kind.
Then we have changed,
the Hands Of Time!

– China Alicia Rivera

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Still the body and quiet the
mind. Close your eyes and
see what you find. Look straight
ahead with no looking back.
Think not one thought.

Have no strings attached.
Gaze into the immense space.
See God’s reflection upon your
face. Look, Look, it’s as clear
as day. Look with love and find

your way. Seek the gift that will
uplift. Let yourself disconnect
from the shell you temporarily
reside in. It’s time to feel what’s
really living. Through love

unfailing see true life unveiling.
Be strong and endure the trembling
awakening. Look inside of you. It
has always been true. “There is a
light that resides in man that the

darkness does not understand.”
Close your eyes and gaze into
space. Stare and stare for as long as
it takes. Soon you’ll see your true
essence awake. True life’s essential

being is right in the palm of God’s
hands. Soon you’ll understand some
things you did not understand.
Look, Look, it’s as clear as day.
Oh my goodness. There’s the light!

One knew everything would be alright.
God is the guiding light, and the light
is truth. One knew the lights love
resided in you. The awakening
should never be forsaken. Although

ones spirits may be shaken;
awakening is time well taken.
Before it is ones time to go, there
is some things one needs to know.
One should know the extent of God’s

love. His love fly’s high like a soft white
dove. Oh yes, that delicate fountain
of Jesus Christ’s Love. God’s divine
loving light resides in all of us. It’s
sipped upon by devotion and trust.

We are the Lord’s cabana. One can
float amidst his aura and feel Nirvana.
We’re in He, and He’s in ye. It’s time to
perceive the Ultimate Reality.
There is things that are thought

to be unattainable, but through
love, honor, and great belief, what
is thought to be unattainable is
attainable. Through God All Things
Are Possible. There isn’t one thing

he can not do. God’s unconditional
love is not of the ordinary. His love
has an extraordinary capacity.
Through meditative still quiet
peace and a harmonized spirit,

one can absorb into or near it. It’s
extreme bliss in the Fathers Spirit.
Let us all release our minds, we whom
are ordained. We all go through to much
stress and strain. One should

seek His great love to attain. See
the divine light that keeps you
sustained. It’s such a great feeling
of healing, that’s extremely appealing.
Dear God, Let us feel your majestic

almighty powerful source! Let us feel
the freedom of beatitude after life’s
course. Let us all learn of God’s Glory.
Let us all fill up with God’s spiritual
divinity. Feel his Fathomless Lovely

ecstasy. It’s like a pleasant trance, to
feel the heavens dance. God has such
loving eminence. It is passionate
evanescence to feel God’s lovely
presence. The Lord is so patient

and kind. He’s the free spirit of the mind.
God brings one into resilience in his
beautiful candescence. God’s light is
so loving and warmly pleasant. It’s so
strong and bright that one is filled with

awesome trembling delight. Through
all ones loving, care, and devotion;
God brings on such intense emotions.
His great love is deeper than the
depths of the ocean. His love is like

a spiritual love potion. A tidal wave
that sets in motion. At loving impulse,
his love is pulsating. It’s like fine wine.
So captivating. Everyone can be a
lovely person of piety. Won’t you be?

Hmm? Cause upon study contemplation,
one finds it to be a lovely sensation.
It’s somewhat a natural transmigration.
It’s such a compelling adaptation.
Captured by love and enraptured.

Oh yes, it’s descending liberation.
Which brings one to their destination.
That’s with the Lord in his blessed
salvation. It’s overwhelming buoyancy
from encompassing loyalty.

It’s even karmas side of lovely!
Soon we’ll all be together. Soon
enough! In the Lovely Lords Fortress.
We’ll unite and become as one with
his sons and daughters in the Heavenly

quarters. Upon residing inside His
Superiority, one feels a sense of
familiarity. It feels like home that
one has once known, or has always
known. This spacious place has

always been home. No matter what
you see or feel or read into in this
present age, very soon it’ll be time
to turn the page. We’ll all be home
forevermore; with God whom the

spirit truly adores. The Lord is
all around. He’s the speed of light.
The speed of sound. He owns the
high-rises and the grounds. He owns
everything. No one knows of the

wonders He’ll bring. God! it is for you
that we all sing! Because of your
great mercy we exalt you in your Glory!
We’ll love you always until the end of
the days and beyond. Forevermore our

hearts sing songs. All souls know where
love belongs. God is the depths of Love
and Intellectual Interest. He is the only
one you can always trust. God
shall always be our home. One

should never stray far from God’s
love zone. Always stay in accord
with the tone. He’ll always be
our rock, our stone. It is we that he
lovingly owns. The spirit longs for

the Lords loving touch and
desires it much! So seeketh He
in his dynasty, that’s residing
hereafter eternally. Give lots of

great glory to Thee. Let us all join
in the Lovely Lords cabana, and
Pray To Jesus In Nirvana.

– China Alicia Rivera

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MY DEAR LORD (A Poetical Prayer)

My Dear Lord from
up above. I Inquire of
You with all my Love.
I want You to know that

I’ll Never Forsake You,
and that i’ll Always Worship,
and Have Faith in You.
May Praise be to the Lord

Forever. May Thy Kingdom
Come soon and Reign
Forever. May all the loved
ones we lost be together.

May Jesus Descend from
Heaven in Great Splendor.
May all the evil of the earth
surrender. May The Lord bring

justice and world peace,
and free us from oppression
and poverty. May Thine free
us from evil and immorality.

Please forgive us for our
sins as we forgive others.
Father, May You teach us to
love and care for others.

May The new world come,
and a new reality, and
May all be refreshed in
a new vitality. AMEN!

– China Alicia Rivera

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A mighty hand brings forth
thunder. The thunder strikes
fear, but also wonder. The clouds
rush in to hide the suns face.
The atmosphere turns gloomy gray.
All ears are pierced by

a rumbling so loud, Cracking
open the skies, and breaking
the clouds. Ba Ba Boom! Ba
Ba Boom! The sky rumbles!
Then everything in the universe
trembles. Crashing into the

mountains, the waters rise.
The sea brings forth a mighty
tide. Buckets of rain fall across
the land. Floods devour and sank
everything like quicksand. Mud
slides charge at you like God’s

Mighty Chariots. The Storm
shows God’s awesome powers
at its scariest! Down pours more
and more rain! Every drop on a
surface sounds like a train! Then
slowly but surely the sky starts to

clear. The rain lightens up
and misty colors appear. Then
all that is living see beautiful
rainbows, Reminding all of the
Lord’s promise which always
shows. Now one just loves to

watch the storm knowing there’s
always peace after the storm.
God shows his love in many forms.
So when life seems disastrous,
and you’re broken and torn,
Remember that the Lord always
brings peace after the storm.

– China Alicia Rivera

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Nothing can move me
from this place i’m in.
I just won’t succumb
to the idleness of sin.
Remain without burden
no matter what the situation.
You must Stay calm! No

matter what you’re facing.
For God, be strong inside.
Without pride, but built
with stride. You must be
self disciplinary, and
control yourself; even
though deep desire is felt.

The devil can’t break our
souls, or our spirits. All
negativity. Don’t step near
it. But don’t let evil ones
put you down. Very soon
they’ll taste dirt, while
we’re above ground. Forgive

and forget as long as you
live. Serve God and his
children, and always give.
Remain headstrong when you
have a disease; even though
sick and weak in the knees.
Float like a swan, moving

with ease. Satan wants us to
give up hope. That’s why you
must never give up hope, ever!
Remain with high endurance
forever. The Lord is our
shepherd, and we are his flock.
A strong Foundation!
Like A Rock!

– China Alicia Rivera

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Some day soon, you shall
see; We have a Higher Destiny.
Beyond you. Beyond me.

Beyond the sweetest summer
breeze. Beyond the land. Beyond
the seas. Beyond the fire of your

wildest dreams. Everything’s not
really as it seems. We’re all
intertwined in the devils

schemes. Caught in a
web of lies. The truth can
not be seen with our eyes!

You must dig deep inside
yourself, Just maybe you
will find; the answers

you’ve been looking for,
the secrets of the mind.
Stuck in the midst of confusion,

we all search for clarity:
but, there is no need to
worry, because, some day soon,

you shall see. We have a
Higher Destiny! But for now,
we lay and wait, for Jesus to

come, and show us the way.
To guide our path, and open
the gates. The Lord’s Angels

are happy, and they sing
songs; because they know,
whats far and Beyond!

– China Alicia Rivera

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You must Strive, keep your Dreams
alive. Never give up on what you can
Achieve, you must have Faith and

Believe. In times of sadness and
despair, if you need someone, God
will be there; You will always have a

place in God’s Heart, The bond will
Never grow apart. When you are lost
and in the dark, Jesus will guide you

on your way; God will bring a brighter
day. Just have Hope
and always Pray.

– China Alicia Rivera


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